UnGraded Assessments

In general, the assessments made by students are given a (small) proportion of marks which count towards their final grade. The grading of these assessments (and those made by the teacher) is done in the background by the workshop module. Provided a submission is assessed three or more times, the module can make a reasonable estimate of each assessment's "worth". (For submissions which have been assessed only once or twice, these assessments are given the maximum "grading grade".) As this grading process is done at regular intervals, the number of ungraded assessments will normally be zero. (Note that in Workshops where assessments have to be agreed, assessments which have not been agreed are also likely to be ungraded. So in this type of workshop the number of ungraded assessments is likely to be non-zero but the number should decrease as assessments are agreed.)

The function of this link is to force a re-calculation of the grading grades, the grades given to assessments. The teacher may want to do this when either of these two options is changed:

  1. The option "Comparison of Assessments";
  2. The weighting given to the teacher's assessments.
Clicking on this link will immediately bring the grading grades up-to-date, reflecting the current values given to these parameters. Changes to other the settings of the workshop, such as the value for the grading grade itself, do not require this re-calculation to be performed.

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