Question Option

A few of the Question Types have an option which is activated by clicking on the checkbox. The question types and the meaning of the options are detailed below.

  1. Multichoice There is variant of Multichoice questions called "Multichoice Multianswer" questions. If the Question Option is selected then the student is required to select all the correct answers from the set of answers. The question may or may not tell the student how many correct answers there are. For example "Which of the following were US Presidents?" does not, while "Select the two US presidents from the following list." does. The actual number of correct answers can be from one up to the number of choices. (A Multichoice Multianswer question with one correct answer is different from a Multichoice question as the former allows the student the possibility of choosing more than one answer while the latter does not.)

  2. Short Answer There are two different comparison systems available for the Short Answer type of question: the simple system is used by default; the "Regular Expressions" system is used if the "Use Regular Expressions" option box is checked. For more information, please read the Lesson question types help file.

The other Question Types do not use the Question Option.

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